Sugar babies and sugar daddies have been around for centuries. The concept goes like this: a sugar daddy seeks a young woman to have a specific kind of relationship with, or ‘sugar baby,’ and the young woman receives finances for being in the relationship with the man. The definition of the relationship varies according to each sugar daddy and sugar baby, though usually, it is of a sexual nature, with potential other benefits as well.

Many may ask why a man would want to spend his money on a sugar baby instead of simply opting for an escort or getting into a serious relationship with a younger woman. There are plenty of reasons why a man chooses the sugar baby route over others, including for the reasons below:

1) It’s A Hybrid of Sex and a Relationship

For many men, sugar babies represent the best of both worlds: they are able to provide the sex they want without the other parts of typical relationships, including desire of long-term commitment, marriage and children. Escorts provide sex, but the transaction purely revolves around the act and lacks the intimacy of a relationship. At the same time, a typical relationship may include intimacy, but lack sexual desire or be filled with unhappy compromises.

2) There Are Clear Expectations/Boundaries

The expectation is clear for both a sugar daddy and a sugar baby, which can be unlike a typical, monogamous relationship. Both sugar daddies and sugar babies are on the same page, and are able to create boundaries with each other on what they want or don’t want out of a relationship. Creating an arrangement that satisfies both parties means the chance of higher satisfaction for both partners.

3) There Is Less Potential for Damage

A typical relationship has the potential for a lot of damage, including break-ups, heartbreaks, divorce, abuse, and other stressful scenarios. This can turn many people away from wanting to seek a traditional relationship, but they are still left with wanting intimacy, sex and to have fun with another individual. A sugar baby is there predominantly to provide a good time, both in and out of the bedroom, without the worry of a potential heartbreaking or stressful relationship termination.

4) You Get to Date Someone ‘Out of Your League’

Of course, the main appeal for many men is getting to have sex with a younger woman who they may not have a chance of dating traditionally. With a sugar baby, they can have the advantage of being intimate with a younger woman without having to court her the traditional way, making sugar babies easier to attain and less stressful to be in the long run.

Sugar babies and sugar daddies are becoming more and more common these days for a variety of reasons. The relationship between them is much more simple than a traditional relationship and has fewer short-term and long-term risks. Getting to be with a beautiful, young woman without the usual strings makes sugar babies a popular desire for many.