Being a female sugar baby on Seeking Arrangement is nothing like prostitution. There are a lot of sugar daddies and sugar babies on the site who simply want company or to do fun things and for an allowance. A multitude of sugar babies have bills they need to pay for school or rent and want to move outside of the site someday and have regular relationships or become parents and have families. A lot of the men on the site are not out to harm anyone, of course, some are, just as some sugar babies are not real, but for the most part, the law of the land is laid out clearly.

On Seeking Arrangement the female sugar baby is able to check off the things she is looking for, whether it be mentorships, help to pay bills, dining, discreet affairs, traveling, etc… she will lay out exactly what she needs and attract the kind of man that can bring her those desires. Seeking Arrangement is so straight forward a lot of the mayhem is pushed aside and you can get straight down to business.

In many cases, the female sugar baby meets with the male a couple of times a month and makes an average of 3,000 dollars a month. They will go on some nice dates, talk, text, and sometimes have a friends-with-benefits type relationship. Sex is not always involved and it is usually made clear very early on what will be taking place so there aren’t any misunderstandings. A lot of the men offer lower-than-expected allowances so some women get a couple of sugar daddies for all the expenses they are trying to pay.

This type of work sells. There is a huge demand, and the demand is not just from old men. There are plenty of men in their 30’s and 40’s on the site as well that are simply lonely and able to pay their dates because their income is so large. It can also be a power and dominance type of situation which usually ends poorly. Women prefer the allowance usually over clothes and bags, although sometimes they want materials instead.

Sometimes the men are sick of going on trips alone, or just want the company of a younger and more attractive woman for the evening. They want to feel under the spotlight and the female sugar baby is quite literally paid to make someone feel good about themselves.

Seeking Arrangement is a win-win. Company for money… a trade that a lot of women won’t pass up especially with the cost of living and college these days. There doesn’t have to be darkness, there can be innocent play involved, and often times there is. As a woman who used Seeking Arrangement, I can say that if you’re smart about it very little can go wrong. Steer clear of the ones you get a bad gut feeling about and focus on the ones who can provide for you the things you are looking for.