The sugar baby lifestyle has become so popular that Seeking Arrangement has received a lot of media coverage in recent years. You may think that you will start receiving money from several sugar daddies within a week after you sign up on Seeking Arrangement, but sugaring isn’t that easy. This article will reveal to you some important tips and guidelines to help you play safely.

Discretion Matters.

Discretion plays an important role when it comes to sugar daddy dating. Every arrangement should be treated discreetly in that personal information about either the sugar daddy or baby should be kept between the two parties. As you are all aware most parties on this site have personal lives and work professional jobs. Certain information relating to this should be kept discrete and not published on other forums.

3 Tips to Safeguard Yourself from Dishonest People.

1. Remain Anonymous
Have a clear line between what is safe publicly and what needs to remain a secret. Things like your last name, address, phone number and any other identifiers should never be disclosed for any reason. 

2. Stay in Public
Anyone trying to get you into the privacy of their own home for a first meetup is a clear red flag. After all, you don’t even know if you’ll like each other. Stick to daytime meetups in public places. Before heading out, tell your family and friends exactly where you’ll be. 

3. Eat and Drink Your Own Food
Never, under any circumstance, should you accept a drink or some food from your date. Remember, this first outing isn’t based on any trust whatsoever. They could very easily have drugged what they’re trying to share. Save the unquestioned trust for later on in the relationship when he’s actually proven himself to be what he says he is.

Safe Sex.

Never feel pressured to have sexual relations with your sugar daddy before you truly feel you are ready.

I never have sex without a condom and when I’m ready to do it. I ask to see the results of a STD test.

Don’t feel embarrassed for being SAFE. Making love is something amazing that needs to be done the right way, emotionally and physically prepared. When you do it the right way you enjoy it 10 times more!