Now you are here at Seeking Arrangement. We assume that you want to become a successful sugar baby and establish a mutually beneficial arrangement very soon. This article will help you get started smoothly.

5 Steps to Score a Satisfying Arrangement.

1. After the initial “Hi, how are you” greetings, quickly cut to the chase, and spell out what you’re looking for, and what you’re willing to offer in return — Both parties deserve to know “what’s in it for them” in order to continue spending valuable time interacting.

2. Establish the agreement before meeting face to face, via website messaging or texting — Don’t leave this to chance during the in-person meeting, because feelings of anxiety or excitement are likely to cloud your judgment, leading to miscalculations, and possibly leaving you unprotected — Think of high pressure sales situations, like buying a car, where the in-person excitement of the deal can lead you into taking on unacceptably high costs with unfavorable terms. This wouldn’t happen if you established the deal entirely ahead of time by laying out the terms with the other party well in advance of the in-person meeting — So when you do finally meet in-person, it will be a cause for celebration, rather than a nerve-racking endeavor.

3. Arrange a quick video chat date — A picture is said to be worth a 1000 words, but some of today’s online pictures can be so deceiving that they leave you uttering only 4-letter words! Live streaming video, on the other hand, is much more likely to show what you’ll both really be getting from an in-person meeting.

4. Agree to a ‘no-cost no-obligation Meet & Greet’ mini-date — After you’ve already video chatted, this will feel like a 2nd date, further increasing rapport & comfort — And if you weren’t able to make the video chat happen, then this is where you both get to gauge chemistry & attraction, to help decide whether or not to take the relationship further.

5. Once meeting of the minds is complete, you can finally proceed to the fun part: meeting of the bodies!

4 Tips to Narrow Down Your Choices.

The hardest part about the sugar baby lifestyle is finding the right match. Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your options and give you valuable information about each potential sugar daddy! 

1. Know what works for you. I hate when someone cannot describe what sort of arrangement they hope to find. I am looking for fun weekend excursions, date nights, fun texting during the day and travel. If you have no clue what you want how can you find it?? 

2. What is your age range? While not the most important it can make a big difference to who you focus on. Younger than 40 sugar daddies are less likely to provide higher end monthly allowances. There are exceptions to every rule and I’m not meaning to stereotype but if a guy makes less than $200k how is he giving you $4k a month? So know your ideal age range and desired level of support. Younger sugar daddies may be a great fit for a college girl who wants a more “boyfriend” feel to her agreement. That’s fun too!! 

3. Chemistry. To be honest it’s funny Bc girls know that we are the chemistry. It’s possible to fake the funk, but the best thing is when you don’t have to. I have definitely enjoyed an arrangement that was less about a huge monthly allowance and been someone I would have dated without an official agreement. I have found that trusting your instincts is best. If a guy is annoying you via text.. that is not likely to improve in person. Life is too short to waste on bad dates!! Money isn’t everything!

4. Safety. There are risks involved with meeting a stranger off the internet. Don’t be stupid. Use an app like Textfree or Google voice. Don’t use your real name on your online profile. Don’t give people your bank info. I use a few select apps including : DateCheck and Mr Number to check any potential sugar daddies out. Be cautious and tell a friend your location. I insist on one public meeting. Trust your gut. I feel like using FaceTime or Skype is also a great way to break the ice and get a more realistic idea of your potential sugar daddy. We are all taking a chance. The men we might meet are vulnerable to scams galore. Bring your best to the table and you might meet your next fabulous Sugar Daddy!