Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have the capabilities of giving your Sugar Daddy everything he’s ever dreamed of, and more? Or maybe you’re stepping into the world of sugar baby for the first time, maybe you’re still dreaming and practicing saying things like, “Yes, daddy!” in front of the mirror with a perfect lipstick red pout. No matter where you’re at in your journey, we’re here to help you become the perfect sugar baby. Won’t Daddy be proud?

1) Sex Appeal Isn’t Skin Deep

Taking care of yourself is a must. Daddy wants to know that he’s investing time and money into someone who thinks highly of herself. Women who think highly of themselves don’t let themselves go, and they don’t settle for okay. Why would Daddy pour attention and money into an investment that doesn’t even make an effort to reach her own full potential? Keep your exercise habits strict, learn about food so you know what you can indulge in and what you can’t, and remember that confidence needs to shine through. Sex appeal isn’t a naked body and plastic parts – not that there’s anything wrong with surgeries to enhance your features – but that should be for you, not for anyone else. Sex appeal is a woman who puts time and attention into herself and radiates a confidence that can only be earned.

2) Appreciation Draws Attraction

Another necessary trait a baby needs to shower Daddy in? Appreciation, but the right kind. You shouldn’t make your Daddy feel suffocated by you – respect his boundaries and let him come to you, but show how much you appreciate when he does. Think of the things that make you feel loved and desired, and give those things to your Daddy. Sweet notes he can find (as long as that wouldn’t get him into trouble), making sure you wear or use gifts he gets you, or simply texting him to tell him when you’re thinking of him. If you just spent the night tangled up in the sheets, slip out of bed early and make him breakfast with an extra special way to wake him up. The more appreciated Daddy feels, the better he’s going to treat you, Sugar.

3) Add In A Little Spice

This tip is only for those of you who have mastered the first two. Once you’re taking the best care of yourself, and really feeling the confidence that comes from seeing that sexy squat butt, and once you’ve found the right balance of showing Daddy appreciation and are continuing to hold his attention… now, you make him work just a bit here and there. Men love to feel successful, and nothing works that ego like achieving victories, even small ones. As an unforgettable sugar baby, you should let daddy win you every so often. Have a friend fake a flirty text, and let daddy remind you who you’re with. But don’t push it too far, you’re just trying to let him win you back, nothing more.

4) Sex, please

Don’t make going to bed feel or seem like a chore, for either you or Daddy. Sex should be fun. Have fun with it, and let Daddy know that his little girl is ready for whatever he wants.

That’s it, Sugar! The four steps that will help you be the most unforgettable sugar baby.